Empowering children who are entering high school

All day, Tuesday  19 January, 2016
Cost : $99

As a parent, Jenni understands the stresses and anxieties related to parenting. It is her personal experience with post-traumatic stress disorder and feelings of displacement, combined with tools acquired through teaching, NLP and Tony Robbins Mastery courses, that she now uses to help both parents and children take charge of their life.

For children, family is the centre of their life with adults. If they are lucky, their caregivers will give them a sense of being loved, of being safe, and able to step out confidently into the world. 

Most children in Australia today depend on social media to stay connected to others of their age, and the majority consider friendships and relationships of paramount importance. They also care enormously about how they are perceived by their peers.The Transition to High School programme thus arms children and teenagers to:

  • Understand and overcome bully behaviour
  • Face their fears
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Control any angry outbursts
  • Manage ADHD and ADD tendencies
  • Improve their school grades
  • Cope with specfic stressors like a change of school, a change of country, or a change in the family dynamic.

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