"I really don’t know where to start, except that Jenni comes purely from the heart and that is what works for me and my team…It has been 110% more than what we expected…  And did I mention she also has the experience and brains to build outstanding relations and business."  Ibrahim Azam (B.Pharm)   CEO, Superior Wellness

"Jenni established rapport with both girls and parents which was immediate and professionally based.  Jenni’s focus was on those in her care and she was able to elicit the best from them."  Libby Green, Head, Abbotsleigh Junior School, Sydney NSW

"Jenni was able to gain good rapport with her students and cater for a wide range of individual abilities and personalities.  She seemed to achieve a sound balance between warm encouragement of productive hard work and even-handed discipline.  She made a positive contribution to Masada College." Martin Tait, Head, Masada Primary School, Sydney NSW

"Jenni possesses all the qualities required of a good educator.  She has a dynamic and vivacious personality and takes a lively interest in all her subjects and pupils and sets a high standard in whatever she attempts.  There is a very good rapport  between Mrs Raine and her pupils.  She demands and gets a high standard of work." Headmaster, Blairgowrie High School, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Jennifer is a leader in her field. She is passionate, committed and results oriented. She has a wonderful demeanour, is warm, yet polished and professional in all her dealings. She services a large demographic competently and I wouldn’t seek the services of anybody else...Jennifer is my practitioner of choice." Kristy-Ann Waugh, Executive Assistant, AGL Energy Limited

I had been connected to Jenni after I developed a claustrophobia, particularly on flights.  This was very debilitating as it came at a time when I was taking over 10 flights in the course of a month. 

I immediately felt a connection to Jenni's warm demeanor and felt safe and comfortable opening up to her.  Jenni helped me identify underlying causes and to develop ways to address and cope with these anxieties.  I was able to take all of my flights and have continued traveling around the world.   

I am grateful for her investment into me as a person and being available to her clients at all time.  I recommend Jenni to anyone needing some life direction!

Vivian T.

Jenni is an excellent counselor. She is thoroughly committed to her client & helping them achieve what they seek & heal with compassion and heart. Her genuine concern shines through her dedication in what she does and instills trust in her clients.

Liliann Lim