Using all my life skills to help you

When I completed high school in South Africa I won a scholarship to study journalism at the country's top communications university. I feared leaving home for another city in another state, and made the decision to stay put. My limiting self-beliefs meant I studied teaching instead and spent the next four years studying in a second language.  It took determination and hard work, but I got my teaching diploma.

My experience in teaching was diverse, spanning from privileged to indigenous hospital schools.  I was invited to join professional bodies, compile and mark HSC exams. I was then offered a position  in marketing communications for a giant corporate and, inspired by this unexpected turn, added a Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations to my qualifications. My professional life was punctuated with joy when my son and daughter, now respectively 23 and 21 years of age, were born.

When we migrated to Australia, I landed on my feet with positions at private and public schools on the North Shore.  My love of children and enthusiasm in the field created high demand for my services.  I  taught all ages and types of children,  including those with disabilities and those who are gifted and talented.  As I love babies, I added Baby Massage Instructor to my list of credentials.

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a model of how individuals structure their experience through language to achieve desired outcomes. I use all of my professional background, skills and expertise, including my training in NLP, to help you and/or your children eliminate trauma or anxiety that may arise at work, in the classroom or on the playground, or even in the virtual space of social media.

I am thrilled to openly share my decades of experience working with both adults and children to help you transform any emotional pain you may be suffering into understanding, acceptance and an emotional turnaround.

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