Massaging infants to good health

Studies show that babies are traumatised through experiences that parents have before and during pregnancy.
We cannot always control life events but we can control how we manage subsequent outcomes.

My passion is to teach parents of traumatised babies how to use infant massage to:

  • reduce bedwetting, nail-biting and sleeplessness
  • enhance and improve baby's mood
  • improve wind, colic, reflux and constipation
  • relieve sinus and chest congestion
  • boost baby's immune system
  • enhance co-ordination
  • reduce stress in both baby and parent

All work is collaboration between parent, child and facilitator. You become your child’s mentor by being present in all stages of change we work through together. Over a short period of time you will notice great differences in your child and yourself. Bonding together, you co-create a harmonious relationship and a more peaceful future for the entire family.

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